Turbo Roof  Air Ventilators are natural way to exhaust Industrial Pollutions. Wind driven industrial turbo roof ventilators are designed to exhaust hot air and industrial pollutants such as dust, poisonous gases, fumes, heat, humidity, odor, stale air, dampness and other invisible irritants & Pollutant particles from the building and industrial sheds. Running cost of motorised exhaust fans are eliminated and huge natural wind energy can be utilised by implementing our Natural Turbine Ventilators as it does not require any electricity, motor or wiring and no operating cost as it is virtually maintenance free and are far more effective than conventional motorised exhaust fans.

Turbo Air ventilators runs on wind & stack effect,continuously in motion, 365 days - 24 X 7, removes extremely hot air,fumes & various pollutant particles in the summer and moisture laden stale air & dampness in the winter. Industrial Roof ventilators are economical, eco - friendly, light weight but rigid and can be mounted on to any existing or new industrial roofs without disturbing the existing structure.Turbo Ventilator require very minimal wind velocity to function, Once in motion roofvents creates a suction and pulls out hot air and hazardous irritants from the building and replaces it with fresh air. Turbo Air Ventilators saves precious energy and reduces carbon footprints.Needless to say, fresh air increases fitness and product