Ruspert ia a non-organic, tri layered ceramic surface coating developed to attain optimum performance in various pollutive and atmospheric condition that cause corrosion compatible with metal coated and painted surface , fasteners coated with RUSPERT are resistant to acid and alkaline attack and galvanised corrosion.
1500 Hrs Salt water spray tested RUSPERT gives high performing corrosion protection , setting standards for surface hardness and integrity. 
Super hard sharp drill tips ensure fast drill times.


  • High resistance to salt water and many chemicals, weather changes etc
  • Superior resistance to corrosive gases.
  • Absence of corrosion even when in contact with other metals ( galvanise corrosion )       
  • Tight adhesion to intricate contours.
  • Thinner Film 
  • Superior Anti-Corrosion
  • Durable Coating 


Size Qty /Box  Net Weight
12 X 14 X 20 mm 600 2.260  
12 X 14 X 25 mm  600 3.060
12 X 14 X 45 mm 300 2.460 
12 X 14 X 55 mm 250 2.380