About Roofmate

We are an established independent company supplying all types of roofing materials to the whole Kerala. Roofmate brand focuses on establishing longterm relationship with engineers, architects and consumers and has an on-going commitement to sustainability and continuous product and process improvement ensures that we can provide high quality products promptly and at competetive prices.

More than 20 years in marketing Christ Marketing has an unbeatable track record of quality service and product innovation.  Our new prestigious facility at Athani, Thrissur produces high quality coloured metal profile roofing sheets and accessories with the aid of superior quality raw materials has already made our presence felt in the market place.
We are genuinely interested in our customer and our intention is to continue building relationship existing and new for the future and to work hard to maintain our position in the market place.  As the most diligent and professional supplier of roofing materials in Kerala, our strength lies in our experience expertise.